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Oct 29, 2018

Thomas Minter is a 33 year old millennial DINK (Double Income, No Kids), living in an expensive city. My Fiancée and I work hard, and earn a solid living. He started his blog, The City for Millennials, as a platform for urban-dwelling, up-and-comers to discuss ways to DO MORE, MAKE MORE, and SPEND LESS in...

Oct 22, 2018

Nick Sky is the co-founder of ChangEd, an app that helps student loan holders pay down their debt quicker and more efficiently. ChangEd is design to align with a borrower’s natural spending by facilitating change roundups on everyday transactions and applying those funds to their student loans.


Oct 18, 2018

Market Down? Here's what to do:

[1:25] Why you should be investing in the market
Over a long period of time you should be investing because of compounding.
The power of constant reinvesting is your money will grow and will set you up for later in life.
Katie learned how much money she  would have if she...

Oct 15, 2018

Monica Shah is a seven-figure business coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses that
support their ideal lifestyles. After receiving her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and working in marketing for L’Oreal Paris, Monica left corporate to start her first company – and then her second company,...

Oct 11, 2018

Why talking about money can be a taboo topic

[1:41] Why is talking about money taboo?
We grow up in a culture where people are sheltered
The work place is a big one, but even with friends you should be talking with them about what they’re doing

[3:52] It doesn’t need to be awkward
It can be an awkward thing...